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Health & Safety and Information

Health and Safety:


ABC Property & Landscaping Services take health and safety seriously and as a competent and responsible company, we adhere to the various health and safety guidelines imposed by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).


As well as performing our own health and safety risk assessments for every task, we also do site specific method statements that are kept up to date without fail. We have our own Health and Safety Policy in place and our own Grounds Maintenance Safety Booklet.


This ensures all staff, our clients and the general public are safe at all times whilst any work is being conducted.


We have COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health) safety data sheets for all products we use.

All of the above is kept in our Main Policy File and available to view/refer to at any time. 





ABC Property & Landscaping Services keep maintenance records of all machinery and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) records up to date and in our Main Policy File along with all of the information below.


Code of Conduct:


Please note: this document is issued to you in good faith as part of our commitment to provide you with the best possible service and we agree to be bound by the following terms:


  • We ABC Property & Landscaping Services agree to be held responsible for ABC Property & Landscaping Services staff and/or sub-contractors whilst on-site.

  • We undertake to provide staff who are adequately trained or experienced and competent staff for the undertaking of all or part of the project and only carry out the work as specified - all staff shall remain adequately supervised at all times.

  • We undertake to insure our activities against all risks whilst engaged on your site - a copy of our third party public liability insurance document is enclosed as part of our supporting information.

  • We agree to an external vetting procedure should you be unhappy with any aspect of the project. In the unlikely event of their being a complaint, We agree for the mutual appointment of a landscape professional for the purposes of vetting and scrutinising our workmanship.

  • Should the findings of this third party consider that we are at fault, we will agree to rectify to an acceptable standard - Should a suitable way forward not be found under this method, both parties shall be obliged to continue settlement under British law.


Voluntary Customer Charter:


Here at ABC Property & Landscaping Services we aim to deliver a service that meets with your complete satisfaction.

We know how important it is to you that the goods and services that we say we can supply are delivered with the greatest of skill and expertise from management level right through to all operatives who work on our behalf.

Whilst it can never be 100% guaranteed that problems will never be encountered, we hope to demonstrate that we have the ability and the will to work with you to ensure you are provided with the best quality and service at all times.

With this in mind ABC Property & Landscaping Services have adopted this voluntary Customer Charter and commit to delivering on our promise.

You can be assured that we have the necessary landscaping skills and experience to meet your requirements.

We are committed to continuously seek improvement in all aspects of our business and we are actively involved in the training and development of our staff.

Our voluntary Charter requires us to aspire to the following:

* Continued self assessment and ongoing training were practicable. Maintaining proper records and accounts and staying up to date with current legislation, health and safety and delivering best practice at all times.

* Declare to any potential customer the length of time we have been trading and provide, if required, up to 5 customer references and allow inspection of at least one previous project.

* Put in place and maintain all the necessary insurance covers including public liability

This voluntary Charter also requires that, in the unlikely event of any dispute involving price or workmanship that ABC Property & Landscaping Services shall agree to have their work inspected by any independent person or persons who are satisfactorily qualified in Landscaping or Horticulture relevant to the activity that has been carried out.


Environmental Policy Statement:


ABC Property & Landscaping Services Environmental Policy applies to all of its direct Operations and to services delivered by associated organisations. We recognise that good Safety, Health and Environment management and performance contributes strongly to the success of the enterprise, and our Policy is to:

Develop, and implement environmental awareness and responsibility in our own staff and suppliers in normal operations, the implementation of projects and in facilities management.

Account for, and where possible mitigate, possible impacts to the environment during planning, design and execution of operations, project and facilities management

Maintain awareness of staff and suppliers to environmental legislation and regulations

Develop and maintain staff, and supplier awareness of environmental sustainability. Ensuring best practice with respect to energy consumption, material usage, recycling and waste disposal is adhered to.

Establish and sustain an effective program for the management of Safety, Health & Environmental performance.

Encourage team participation in Environmental management and monitoring, and act on valid recommendations for improvement.

Comply with relevant statutory regulations and requirements of accrediting organisations

Measure performance and progress towards reductions in incidents, contaminating, materials use and energy consumption

The fundamental accountability for this Safety, Health and Environmental Policy rests with ABC Property & Landscaping Services. The Managing Director delegates’ responsibilities for the execution of policy provisions to the Quality & Safety Manager and other appointed persons within ABC Property & Landscaping Services.

Grounds Maintenance,

Weed Control,


Decking and Paving

Property Maintenance

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PAT Testing,

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